Saturday, November 29, 2008

Proverbs 31:10, KJV Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

• is of noble character
• is fully trustworthy
• is an asset to her husband
• is domestically skilled
• is concerned that her household be well and nutritiously fed
• is diligent, arising before dawn and busy until after dark
• is endowed with a good business sense, even to the point of buying a field and planting a vineyard
• may have her own profitable home-based business
• is a hard worker
• is generous to and aware of the poor and needy
• is wise in preparing her household for the needs of the days to come
• is wise in ensuring that she and her family are well and appropriately clothed
• is in proper relationship to her husband, who is out conducting his business affairs at the city gates
• is a woman of wisdom
• shows dignity and strength
• is a faithful instructor to her children
• is diligent to watch over her household
• is the recipient of blessing and praise from her children and her husband
• is above all a God-fearing, godly woman!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My blog gets pretty decent hits for three followers =]
love the support in any shape or form i can get it!
Enjoy the good food and family! Blessings.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

artist lady uploads ART hehehee

C.E.M by OHmy

lovely day by OHmy

Feeling. By OHmy

Mama By Ohmy


This Sunday YazzyMOMO got me and held me captive! We balled out lol, I GOT A MEAN YSL BELT- that is currently being redesigned by yours truly. I love vintage finds =] If you dont got "the eye" trying to find the goodies is meaningless!! I fell in love with those red boots, i told yazzy as soon as she touched them they were MINES! So said soo done =] gotta love the fashion Gods!!! Anyhoot- ive gave it long thought and decided today was a good day to get back on my fashion game! Meaning- this is the dress im working on this week. I guess ill take photos and up date with my progress =]

oh yeah- recently ive been getting a ton of blocked phone calls.. i guess someone must have ohmy in mind =] but you might wanna stop be4 my man presses you and it wont be pretty.
love OHmy MANYOU ;]

Friday, November 21, 2008

diirtyy giirl??

blk chiney Empress Lady!
Good girl Face =]
Jay-Z lips VOUGE!


dirty girl? (laughing) Kinda racy and spicy aye? You know i love to grab you in from the get go- enjoy some what sexy photos of me. ha- ha. Topic of interest at 5:05AM "DIRTY GIRL!" Why must men love such sexy women? And where is the line between sexy lady and whoring sally? It never really crossed my mind until i took such sleazy photos, this straight hair is lovely. I cant even remember the last time i felt hair on my back! Why must men claim they want such a natural beauty and than as soon as hoe happy Jackie with her hair extensions and fake nails walk by- there caught right in? I don't get it! Where is the line drawn and why must men fall into these European standards of beauty? Now i don't mind a little makeup and some straight hair, what i do mind is seeing women really live like this day in and day out. Why isn't there natural beauty cherished and praised? why must black men feel as if light skin is better vs darker skin tones? Why must they feel short hair is a No No.

Ive noticed when i started two Junes ago to grow my hair back, men loved the short curls- but as soon as it got into the ugly stage.. where its not long enough to pony tail or short enough to throw gel in..i noticed men weren't really into me. The fact that it was a little Afro actually made me ice cold to the normal young black man. I never knew what it felt like to not have men press me daily until i started growing my hair back, without any colors or styles. I couldn't believe men were so shallow. As the months progressed of course and a year passed- the eyes instantly came right back. Being more aware of the type of men that kept away, i refuse to even give certain types the time of day. You didn't want me when my hair looked like a dirty tennis ball- why now? loll yeah! Nothing feels better than growing your hair back after a hard lost, you really find comfort in your hair and respect it, as you see nothing into something. I call my Afro the amazing unbreakable mane. It just grows and grows- i love it!

I painted three new paintings last night! I LOVE THEM. =] you know new stuff is coming soon.

June 2007

June 2008

ahh next June- im talking titty action!


now this really breaks my heart to really have to write this..Ive been getting emails, text messages, IMs- and phone calls all trying to tell me the love of my life. Donate aka Mos Def is a dead beat dad, who beat his wife! I cant believe what I'm hearing, doing more research on it- only proves her ass right!

click above to get more!

i personally feel she never loved him to begin with! How can you meet my husband and marry him in three days, and not treat him right? Why must you be so dumb and drop out of middle school, and not continue your education when your husband is - truth seeker mighty mos def?? I'm really upset right now.. i shall peep more articles online.. my research continues. I really just dont understand how Kanye got all up in the mix- maybe hes from her pass? I cant knock the love lockdown man - mann...but i can say- MOS BEEN HOLDIN TUNES WAY BEFORE DUDE.



Tuesday, November 18, 2008



one of myy favorite wines, Mommy time out!


caught stealing Nniques modeling pics!

Its kinda chilly out!! So i blow dried my hair with some biosilk- isn't it PRETTY?


Last few nights have been filled with way to much passion and not enough brush strokes, Ive been having dreams running up and down the stairs at my favorite Peal Paint in China Town- shoving everything in my red basket! The strange thing was everything kept fitting, and the other strange thing was me not watching the prices. Who knows, hopefully it comes to pass soon- lord knows i cant wait for the day to ball out at Pearl Paint. lol As my artist friends and i joke around and say, you guys can keep your Louie bags and 600$ shoes- ill wear stuff from the thrift store, a piece of canvas alone can cost me 400$ and thats not involving new paint!

wish list.
40 of 18x27 canvas
30 of 20 x 36 canvas
acrylic paints
10 whites
5 blacks
3 reds
4 blues
6 yellows
palette knives and painting knives
one of each robert simmons brushes
new chinese bamboo brushes
water color brushes
three wooden plates
Itoya profolio
30 Ebony pencils
15 turquoise drawing pencils
10 woodless pencils
10 cans of Krylon Fixative
hmmm starter kit of oil paints..
3 packs of oil pastels
Winsor and Newton Colored inks
feather pens.

Monday, November 17, 2008

myy bodyyyy baybeee / Yazzy Sohoo

Opps- how can i 4get! This is for you Yazzy, since i havent rocked it yet for you- i can show you a taste of my vintage finds =] and tisk tisk tisk to all the chicks tryna jock my steez. smh- there is only one ohmy. I lovee my O.G Dooney and Bourke bag =]
and thats just from last fall. smh


Since Ive turned 21, Ive decided to tone my chubby ways. I mean its cute and all to feel nice and squishy as people use to describe! But growing into woman hood, its not good! I'm only 4'11 i was 120 pounds, i know down south that's great! But i didn't feel so great! Now I'm 105 pounds and i feel extra motivated to get up and go run down the street! I do a lot of dancing in my mirror and stretching, i love this yoga stuff! I can bend all the way backwards and touch the ground! My spin is getting much much straighter! I've been drinking a lot of water. I skip out on road food at times and cook, i never use salt and i always have my share of veggies! I give you the work of art!!

im sooo proud of mee =]

To the left is what im working on.......................................


remember the day when we had lunch in the city, and we were kicking what we want- and just where we wanna go! later.............



i give you my oldest friend Yasmin =] To all the nonbelievers and doubters, video hoes- and myspace models

this goes out to you!

A real model Constance of style, pose, grace, confidence, and class.. and a little bit of no ass! Take lessons and notes from my Yazzy!

Im proud of you boo! =]

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Soul searchin Sunday


everyone knows how much i love to see men dressing like MEN! if your a male and your still wearing sneakers and jeans daily, you might wanna up grade your life with some ill pieces from Enitans line. I call it REFRESHING!


Blessings unto you, blessings unto me.

Bless bless bless, my loved ones- and all my family..

the inner circle, to the ends of the family tree- bless you all

you all mean so much to me.

what is dear- why i don't i keep you near? Each day i make effort to

mentally grow closer, so when i see- i respect the love much better.

For i, thee rose that grew from the desert-

being so beautiful where it simply doesn't matter.

i stand tall, I grow strong..despite the little whispers and doubters.

I see the bigger picture, and make movements to grasp it quicker!

Go getter, show stopper- who knows..

Real to my love, real to the light- Constance with my art.

Bless my hands Jah, bless my mother-

bless all the people who don't want to see me better.

It is - another soul searching Sunday-

questioning and doubting my love, yet working to call him and be like-

"hey- come over here and let me wash your clothes and wash your feet, give you money to get you where it is you need to be."

As i sit under this sun, Under my fathers light- i feel my own father at times


I shall never suffer, i shall never want- i shall never be ungrateful,

i shall always remain blunt.

Pass actions leave stains like wine on white linen,

Jah bleached them away- its up to you to have faith to see his work.

Jah Jah Jah- i woke up expressing my love, my faith-

before i even got out of bed.

The only time to make it right is to just get up and make it so-

only you must know..Again

bless bless bless my mothers soul.

Every action i shall act out will be with my right mind with good intent.

Annique Deslandes.

Strong, independent, Wise- Head Strong.

Basically- you all need to get your mind RIGHT.


I never said i was perfect, my bipolar ways and big chinky eyes get me by in life! Each year that passes my family and close friends see that I'm simply an artist, and there is nobody out there like me. So you must put up and shut up! Its Sunday morning and I'm cold as hell- I'm outside by the pool- doing my daily, writing my blog. Interesting enough i went to church last night, topic of reasoning was the 10 brides. 5 were foolish and 5 were wise. Funny enough as the lady, i mean Queen went on- she like Jah planned for 10 brides. 5 were foolish and 5 were wise. It had me truly questioning my relationship with my man, and my boyfriend. (my man= God.) In order to have and keep a happy relationship i must look at is as serving my God - preparing myself to be a perfect bride. Which is funny, because lately those are the vibes Ive been feeling. and like everyone knows, I'm a free soul and i tend to whisk myself in and out of great relationships with beautiful men, is it not a matter of being anything less than Empress. It has everything to do with my soul and my art, certain people come and go in and out of your life for different reasoning. Since Ive been 16 Ive had a certain friend that grew into all types of different statue in my life. Being that Im now 21, just like my age he has aged and grew with me. It started so simple and innocent just like my art, little drawings and tiny scribbles of verses and poems, to huge paintings and short stories. This love is God given and i shall not let my carefree ways take me from this, i must remain calm and patient in one place. My dreams are to be a world famous artist, artist meaning. I express my feeling threw my work, let it be paints, drawings and my life story I'm still working on. Touching people and giving back, i have all the intentions in the world to make this a easy place for people who are like me and who aren't like me. I must grow into one now with him, and i don't doubt this love anymore.. even though at times i feel i must run and hide. Here i stand tall and except what God wants from me, not me being what i want. I just know when i do this, it is okay to take him with me. The things that Ive been going threw are crazy and unreal to me, it is strange for me to understand that now- i have family that loves me and supports me in every shape and form. I don't lament on the pass, it has all made me stronger and wiser, and humble. I'm thankful for my Talents Lord, and I'm blessed to have someone special in my life. When the day comes when your here, i know i shall go with you.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

love love loveee


i love you-

i can say it and mean it. after all the lies and fighting.

i love you.

it is not fair nor safe to push or force- i shall just relax on the side.

so many things taking me away each day-

this is the time when your touch is most needed, yet i hold you not.

I most focus on my talents, i most focus on my family.

I must finish growing into the wife you need.

here ill always remain as i paint...

24-7 / 365.


I'm taking a break from heavy perfumes, I'm going crazy over Victoria's Secret Endless Love! From the body wash to the extra moisturizing lotion! It feels great, and smells so good!

Natural dry hair.

3 hours + wooden bristle brush=


Part natural hair in 6 braids no rubber bands, no pins. After being wrapped with silk scarf for two days. Part hair inch by inch and blow dry with bristle brush. Remember to constantly blow dry and spin brush fast. Your hair will not become straight if you aren't pulling it tight enough from the roots down. Part and repeat until done.

When finished wrap hair without pins and unwrap the next day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the long awaited ohmy.

Please forgive me! Ive been away far to long- i needed the space and time to collect ones thoughts. Good news- Ive walked over all the stones in the ocean- now I'm just floating! Mentally Ive been off track- i finally caught myself back, the art work is wonderful. And I'm being more of a woman handling certain situations to the best of my ability. Ive finally gotten over old love- and grew better love! good love- and like karma what goes around comes around, i must sit and take in all the words i rather not hear- not to listen and follow, simply because of pass bad horrible decisions.
My art work is at an all time high- i cant really post anything until i have it all copy written and all that good stuff. It feels great to be back and happy! Ive tried to put people down and network but there simply stuck into this fish bowl mentally. So now i understand why people act BRAND NEW. It has nothing to to do with how I'm dressed and how i look- I'm still the same crazy artist girl everyone misunderstood. =]
here are some photos of the most beautiful people ever known to this planet.

OHmy, oh yeah- my boobie got me them club monaco shades. =]