Monday, February 23, 2009

so much great things have been going down, im truly blessed and happy to be where im at- and excited about where im going. Im blessed to have such a lovely friend in my life who is truly becoming something dear to me each day- which is nice. Because great things aren't built over night. This weekend im going to Orlando to link with my Rasta homey- to relax and drop off some art at A.K.A lounge =] the art is picking up, im doing over someones movie theater. Im truly blessed.

listen to this jam.

Lovers Rock - Sade

SadeLovers Rock (2000)Lovers Rock1 - I am in the wildernessYou are in the music In the man's car next to meSomewhere in my sadnessI know I won't fall apart completely2 - When I need to be rescuedAnd I need a place to swimI have a rock to cling to in the stormWhen no one can hear me callingI have you I can sing to3 - And in all thisAnd in all my life4 - You are the lovers rockThe rock that I cling toYou're the oneThe one I swim to in a stormLike a lovers rockRepeat 1Repeat 3Repeat 4Repeat 4When I need to be rescued you're thereWhen I need a place to swim to in a stormI sing to youAnd all my lifeAnd in all my lifeRepeat 4

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


NYC on March the 19th.


Thursday, February 5, 2009


"I'll always b here 4 u, even wen u mite not understand y, or think erry1 has given up, or u feel dat u have no 1, i'll always b here, even wen u do decide 2 roll wit ur ex/bf or in times wen ur goin thru da storm, i'll still b here, i'll b ur rock, while God gives me the strength to b so, hope ull understand"
that mos'def put a koolaid smile on my face! not because it looks nice- because i know its true...thanks for holding down when i was hurt and confused, and thank you for always taking me back and giving me your friendship as i drag you and abuse you- while *it did the same to me.
i can sit here and mean it, im truly sorry.
nyc MARCH.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

=] new everythinggg- yaaa'see'miiiii

long no more!!! You gotta love the t'shirts righttt? hm kinda fly huhhh

gift: cant say mine we are way to strong- jamaican leo poet ; talents- vegan;

King. Kes-

pure and natural, on time - smart and Godly.

blessings- unto you- blessings unto me-

blessings into the universe.

kesed in africa =]

"my lawd my lawdd" lmfaooo