Monday, July 20, 2009


i recorded this song off the top of my brain last week and put it on face book, people keep telling me its catchy. so i'm taking it far- i will now be singing getting my mya on. The beat is crazy fly, made made by my very own Cuzzy wuzzy Sean B- boy got talent!!!! And there is a part i pause- thats where the illest rapper Jnix will be on!! track its gon be odee hot- this is me just choppin it up in tha bath room. injoy

ohmy-blood on the moon redo - thee ohmy

Monday, July 6, 2009


life is really good. getting back on my fashions enjoying new passions-
everything taste so sweet-
im still that down ass two cars behind the six...
im on track-

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


finally likkle shape.

been such a long long long time- The site is up

Ive been going crazy thinking about which school i plan on going to, im stuck btw NYC and AIU in Miami. Life is great, after the storm the sun comes out! Recently I recorded a new song, its something brand new! Ive thrown myself onto a beat, it is crazyness! I love it!! please check out my Cousin SEAN doing di ting ting!!

Jah Jah bless you. (march- in philly wid K babes)

Yesterday made it one year.

Monday, May 18, 2009

i dunno yoooo

i dont keep up with the haters. those who go out there way to throw trash on me in my face, with a smile. Sad like, child like. i blame that on there surrounds and give them respect for trying to acknowledge the truth. i give u two thumbs up- now please back down. do your research- youve got miles to walk. you have no idea what is real!

you, your nothing. beating me down hurting me. strong built lets thanks the yoga i have strength in me. your not coming in, kicking and screaming scratching and punching. I will not go down without or fight, i will not be entered. fuck it- ill go out swinging even though i know i can beat a man.

i face so much.

everything i have i got. why must my quote on quote lack of materials bother you? when im so completely happy this way. the road to the top is the road less traveled. Fake people connecting with me to fill voids in hearts- i entertain the bullshit and fed them lies. =]

my head is dizzy- ive fallen on the floor...why is she just watching..why doesn't she hear me cry? shes getting into the car- wheels run over my bag.. i hear a pop and a face is soo wet.

im happy this way- less is more.. i dont even care to be spoken to. keeping up with the masses is B.S when i know what is real- questions i chose to not even acknowledge, numbers i dont even store.

a cracked window.......
my left arm is weak...
still soo dizzy..............

the E.R.

everything flashes-

i seen my dad, my aunts, him holding my hand..
i seen me older- on top..without the braces.........
i seen me with my kids- and him with his locks..

i seen so much. i feel it inside-
nothing can break me.

-l o v e

ohhh yeahhh---

  • the NYC trip was LOVE. i even went to philly! =]
  • ive designed a new hair style. =] yeahh and everybody is gonna steal it, 3 years later. smh
  • congrads to kelis for being prego for nas!
  • big up for the rain- the grass and flowers needed it.

im doing fathers day paintings- 50$ upfront and 50$ later. Just send me the money and your favorite photo of the old man.

p.o box 772245 coral springs FL 33077 ( send to Ms.Deslandes)

Monday, February 23, 2009

so much great things have been going down, im truly blessed and happy to be where im at- and excited about where im going. Im blessed to have such a lovely friend in my life who is truly becoming something dear to me each day- which is nice. Because great things aren't built over night. This weekend im going to Orlando to link with my Rasta homey- to relax and drop off some art at A.K.A lounge =] the art is picking up, im doing over someones movie theater. Im truly blessed.

listen to this jam.

Lovers Rock - Sade

SadeLovers Rock (2000)Lovers Rock1 - I am in the wildernessYou are in the music In the man's car next to meSomewhere in my sadnessI know I won't fall apart completely2 - When I need to be rescuedAnd I need a place to swimI have a rock to cling to in the stormWhen no one can hear me callingI have you I can sing to3 - And in all thisAnd in all my life4 - You are the lovers rockThe rock that I cling toYou're the oneThe one I swim to in a stormLike a lovers rockRepeat 1Repeat 3Repeat 4Repeat 4When I need to be rescued you're thereWhen I need a place to swim to in a stormI sing to youAnd all my lifeAnd in all my lifeRepeat 4

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


NYC on March the 19th.


Thursday, February 5, 2009


"I'll always b here 4 u, even wen u mite not understand y, or think erry1 has given up, or u feel dat u have no 1, i'll always b here, even wen u do decide 2 roll wit ur ex/bf or in times wen ur goin thru da storm, i'll still b here, i'll b ur rock, while God gives me the strength to b so, hope ull understand"
that mos'def put a koolaid smile on my face! not because it looks nice- because i know its true...thanks for holding down when i was hurt and confused, and thank you for always taking me back and giving me your friendship as i drag you and abuse you- while *it did the same to me.
i can sit here and mean it, im truly sorry.
nyc MARCH.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

=] new everythinggg- yaaa'see'miiiii

long no more!!! You gotta love the t'shirts righttt? hm kinda fly huhhh

gift: cant say mine we are way to strong- jamaican leo poet ; talents- vegan;

King. Kes-

pure and natural, on time - smart and Godly.

blessings- unto you- blessings unto me-

blessings into the universe.

kesed in africa =]

"my lawd my lawdd" lmfaooo

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Thanks to my boy Chris- for always holdin down tha kid!

owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Evdiveo NIGGAAA-


Each Day Gets Better - John Legend