Monday, January 21, 2008

Behind the ART.

Sweet Justice

There is this song by Jill Scott- called sweet justice. I was listening to it on my ipod during the summer while i was in queens one day.. i was zoned out if you catch my drift. I had no ideal what I was drawing- everything just poured out of my brain threw my pencil. The lyrics were very moving-

verse 1:

Sweet Justice
Climb the Mountain
Though your hands maybe weary
Swim the ocean
Though your legs maybe tired
Run the extra mile
Though your stride maybe worn-down
Fight, Fight, Fight
Never surrender

Sweet Justice (repeat 1X)

verse 2:

Many sides to the same face
Searching, wanting their hour
So many colors in the spectrum of life
With right lies the power
Struggle, Struggle, Struggle, Struggle
Struggle only makes a man stronger
If he believes within his heart then he can find it
He will find it

Sweet Justice (repeat 1X)


Freedom the epitome of life
Lay your down your burden soldier
Study, study war no more, no more
Trust the soul that thrives within you
Hold strong to your faith
Continue, Continue, continue on, on

Sweet Justice
Sweet Sweet Justice
Sweet Sweet Sweet Justice
Sweet Justice

Monday, January 14, 2008


This is my twin.

Chinese and Black

DOB: 8/11

Left handed.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


This year is gonna be great! And I'm taking everything over- no more nice OHmy!
Yesterday I went into work for a few- and i got a phone call to do an interview with Sparkle City! Go peep that on my- myspace page! ( I took a photo of me at work , See the clippers?? Oh okay- it is not a joke! The shirt is a sweater- its vintage..that was the look i was sporting during the interview! moving right along.

I'm very excited about the new music! I cannot wait to let the positive masses hear it- I have a team of Blessed hands, and I'm thankful for them! I love you guys! A lot of local teams of cool dudes are trying get me on there set- i have no ideal what the out come will be! Talks of contracts and all types of things are going down!
I've been getting so many notes and emails for shirts! Mostly y'all guys- I just want to put it out there in Spring, its on and popping! I will have 6 fresh shirts that will be on sale on my site- be on the look out! My boy is doing his thing! And I'm brainstorming up some real fly ideals!
What has been on my mind? Recently it is "RESPECT!" It's as if you can't be nice to people anymore- like they walk all over you? I refuse to be bitter like some females and lash out on people, but damn. You men make it so hard for a girl to hold y'all down- you ask for someone who respects you, prays for you, wants to give you everything...what do you do? you get all young and dumb- and disrespect it. Well- I've decided for the 2000&great!!! I will never sit and stress over a male- and nor will i take one serious. I do not mean only as in having a man, I mean it as- jobs, friends, family etc. So don't get the wrong ideals! I give respect, and when it isn't given- i smile and keep it moving! There is not enough time on this Earth for me to be mean because i repress everything that happens! In conclusion- this year is the year of the solo! No little boys, i wont be working with little boys, chilling with little boys, talking on the phone to little boys etc. This is whats on my mind- As for the world...........
Please give Brittany Spears back her kids.
peace, love- the light. out.