Tuesday, May 27, 2008


crying tears by ME back in 05 on may the 27th

I've been doing way to much at once, i simply cant handle it all -and i cant be someone I'm clearly not. All i want to do is paint naked with my Afro out-burn candles and drink tea. I want to run free and laugh. I want to feel loved and give love that is respected! Ive been doing so much I forgot who i was. Ive let somethings in life hold me back- and i cant afford to be afraid to hurt people, or even care what peoples motives are. I have a pure heart and people seem to walk over it- and that's fine. I'm doing Gods work and i refuse to change my good ways for bad minded people.

Im taking time off.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Please forgive the long over due blogs! Okay- as i take a break from being a house wife i bring you

DOUBLE STANDARDS ii think?!? =/

Last night as my boyfriend enjoyed his double other life in his zone- photo shopping and aiming; i was sucked into the Tyra Banks show as she showed a couple who have been together for a year. They said they have been fighting over cups and plates left on the night stand- mostly unclean kitchen utensils. It made me laugh as this little dude kept going on about his girlfriend- whom to me seems like she works so much she just passes out after she eats. And that is so understandable in Ohmys world. Going on- Tyra tells them they each have 24 hours of being single, and pick a date out of four random people. Of course he picks the chick who comes off easy- and she picks the nice tall (move over high yellows dark meat is in) dark sexy young man. Needless to say- the boyfriend tries his best to take advantage of his free day, total word vomit out his mouth and nasty touchy little hands. His girlfriend on the other hand handles herself well- keeping everything PG-13, she even breaks away for a few seconds and calls her boyfriend twice. You guessed it he didn't answer! After they played back the highlights of each date- she ends up in tears and he gets jealous as he watches this sexy ass man treat his "bitch" like a lady. I couldn't stop laughing when he completely turned into another person before her ready to cry saying sorry- one mouth full of bullshit. And yes she gives right back in.

I think we as woman always fall back into it. Ive heard from a very wise guy its in our nature to love as woman. And when a woman has been hurt enough by a man- she will do things to hurt him but always go back. Like the pain wont last forever. I'm not telling anyone to be dumb def and blind- I'm just stating real facts.

It is in a mans nature to look- maybe stray. It is in a woman's nature to love.

As i sat there thinking after watching the Tyra show- all i heard was " Tyra got some nice ass titties, shes always hiding them!" I though to myself i know just how she feels- the person your use to seeing might not be the same person when he walks away. But sad to say- they always come right back. Notice i never mentioned a woman not doing these things- but as a young lady turns into a woman she matures faster. And she will see that inflicting pain to her man and another man isn't worth it. Why light a match that you don't need? Men have a fear of getting older- every man is scared of age. I feel as if some men stray just to feel young- see if they still have it. Look at Jay and B- look how old he is- he just now got married. Ive gotten all that night life out of me, now I'm just aiming to become a nurse and i sometimes think about buying him boxers and socks. After I looked at Tyra's titties as the show was ending i uttered "yeah yo- they are big!"